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Mac’s Oysters are packed in cardboard wetlock boxes or mesh bags in 10 doz, 5 doz, and 3 doz increments.


Our Shellfish

Grown in cold, pristine, nutrient-rich waters, Canadian Farmed Shellfish are renowned worldwide for their great taste and fresh flavors

Mac’s packs and sells both wild and farmed shellfish from distinct areas spread out over several hundred square kilometers. Many have their own distinct geography and environment.

The brand names we use depend on which areas of water or shoreline the oyster or clam is harvested from and the method we use to grow them.

Each case of oysters or clams that you buy will have a shellfish tag with an Area Number printed on it. Each number identifies the oyster or clam harvest location.

Oysters are packed in cardboard wet-lock boxes or mesh bags in 10 doz, 5 doz, and 3 doz increments.


Metcalfe Bay Oysters: are suspended from rafts in a nutrient rich up swelling off Denman Island, Baynes Sound, B.C. The Metcalfe Bay Oyster’s meat is plump and creamy with a flavour that is sweet with a smoky finish. These shells are deep cup, clean, with frill and are purple/grey and ivory in colour.

Pearl Bay Oysters: are suspended from long lines in the deep cold waters off Sykes Island in Jervis Inlet. This is the pioneer brand of tray culture in Canada. Pearl Bay Oysters have a delicate meat and shell. The flavour is cucumber and crisp brine with a sweet finish. The shell colour is purple, gold and ivory.

Sinku Oysters means “clear running water” in the native Coast Salish language. These oysters are grown suspended from long lines in the deep cold waters in Jervis Inlet. Sinku oysters are a connoisseur’s delight. Grown at a depth of 15 feet or more, these oysters feed off zooplankton rather than the phytoplankton nutrient found closer to the surface. The result is a very crisp melon taste, salty with a very clean finish, and is a delicate meat covered in clear cold liquor.

Summer Ice Oysters are cultured in the same manner as the Sinku except at a much deeper depth, 60 feet or more. In mid Spring we drop the trays to a depth that has the same water temperature as winter. This prevents the oysters from spawning and maintains meat quality at its winter prime during the month without R.s. The Summer Ice Oyster has excellent brand recognition across North America as the specialty summer oyster of choice. Available only from early June through late September.


Phantom Creek: is a name brand we give to deep water oysters that are beach hardened. Phantoms spend most of their lives growing plump in trays suspended from rafts in deep water. Three to six months prior to harvest, the oysters are placed on the beach where exposure to air, waves, and predators, harden the shell. The result is an oyster with the signature deep cup of deep water culture, and the tough shell and shelf life of a beach oyster. The shell is purple-grey/green with a clean appearance and only a few if any barnacles.

Savory Clams

Latin name: Nuttallia Oscurata
A delicious tasting soft-shell clam, excellent meat to shell ratio. An ideal addition for enhancing the flavor and appearance of seafood dishes, soups, and pasta. Also tasty steamed and served with garnish in a bowl.

Meat color: Pale, mild sweet taste
Shelf life: 7-10 days
Size: 1.25-2″, 40-50 count per lb
Packed: Loose in 25 lbs box 

Manila Clams

Manila clams are considered the premium farmed clam in our industry. They are succulent, delicious and have many food applications, and used in many different cultures – steamed, in pasta, stir fried in Asian cuisine. The shell is thinner than littlenecks. This allows for rapid cooking, only a few minutes under heat and clams will open and are ready to eat.

Product of Canada, Vancouver Island, Farmed Live Shellfish
Species: Tapes Philippinarum, Manila Clam

Clams are dug from certified beaches by hand at low tide, hand sorted and washed. Packed in a sturdy lined wetlock box in 25 lbs or 50 lbs cases.

Regular, medium size 20 to 25 pieces per lb. Various size grades available – Small, Medium and Large


Our fresh shucked Pacific oysters are grown suspended from longlines, making them free of sand and grit. Our reputation for producing fresh, plump oyster meat has made us a preferred supplier to seafood distributors and retailers across Canada. Versatile to prepare- pan-fried, baked or sauteed – Mac’s shucked meats are an oyster lovers’ delight. With a 16-day shelf life, they are an appreciated and profitable item on a distributors product list.

Available in 8 oz, 16oz and 32oz container sizes. 

Beach Harvest

Mac’s Signature Beach Oyster: grown in Fanny Bay, is a standard at most oyster bars. The Signature Beach Oyster has a smooth flavor, slight salt, and is a reliable full meat. This oyster brand has a green/grey shell with some barnacles and even the small size grades have a very good meat to shell ratio.

Buckley Bay Oyster: is a specialty beach oyster with a melon taste and a salty finish. This shell is a grey/purple with some barnacles.

Ship Point Oysters are creamy and subtly sweet with a briny finish. This Oyster shells are purple/grey-green with some barnacles.

Mac’s Oysters are packed in cardboard wetlock boxes or mesh bags in 10 doz, 5 doz, and 3 doz increments.

Live Clams

When the tide is low people who harvest clams head out by foot onto the beach with a shovel and rake to dig clams and put them in buckets that are then dumped in larger nets and weighed. These nets will either be left on the beach and stored in the ocean as is, then pulled up by winch onto a skiff when the tide comes up, or they are brought into the plant by pickup truck where they are washed, graded and packed. Everything is done by hand.

Happy Customer

“I have been buying oysters from Mac’s for about 30 years. Big ones, little ones. In the shell and shucked. Once I bought a bag of baby oysters and seeded my own beach. Mac’s oysters are FANTASTIC!! I could eat them every day. Today my wife and I feasted on a full 32-ounce bin of mediums, fried in butter. Heaven. Thank You Mac’s!!!!!”


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