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Vendor approval is based on corporate credit report by third party, and references. Once approved payment terms are set typically 7, 14 or 30 days for North American vendors and a credit limit is set.

Orders are taken Monday and Thursday’s and shipped the following day Tuesday and Friday. You are under no obligation to order. As long as your account is current there will be no disruption in shipping to you, aside for environmental reasons such as weather or tides. You can order any one of those days, at any frequency.

As part of our QMP plan you will be asked to fill in a basic account application form and provide us with a SQA, HACCP or QMP letter or brief description of your operation. For overseas customers or those not asking for credit, the product is shipped to you within 5 days of receiving your payment in advance.

Happy Customers

“I have been buying oysters from Mac’s for about 30 years. Big ones, little ones. In the shell and shucked. Once I bought a bag of baby oysters and seeded my own beach. Mac’s oysters are FANTASTIC!! I could eat them every day. Today my wife and I feasted on a full 32-ounce bin of mediums, fried in butter. Heaven. Thank You Mac’s!!!!!”


Tel: 250-335-2129

Toll Free: 1 800-566-3805

Gordy Mclellan Jr., General Manager

Sally, Logistics and Customer Service Manager

Amanda, Operations

Luna, Sales and Customer Service


Located on Canada's Pacific Coast

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