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Live Oysters:
Pearl Bay Brand

British Columbia's first branded deep water

Mac's Retail Pack:
Live oysters packed 3 dozen or 2 dozen in printed wax carton...

Savoury Clams:
A delicious tasting soft shell clam...


   Delicious Shellfish, Farmed Naturally
Live Oysters:

Mac's Buckley Bay Oysters

Packed in 5 and 10 dz cases – 2.5-3”xs and 3-4”small
Specialty beach oyster, melon taste, salt spray finish. Shell is a grey/purple some barnacles. Grown in on the beach Buckley Bay, Baynes Sound, Vancouver Island.



Live Clams:

Mac's Delicious Manila Clams

The gourmet clam of the Pacific Coast. Delicious taste, beautiful presentation.
Mac's has a strong track record of providing our customers with delicious hearty manilas throughout the year. Various size grades available, packed 25 lbs or 50 lbs per case, loose or in 5 lbs or 10 lbs mesh sacks.

Savoury Clams

A delicious tasting soft shell clam, the Savoury Clam,
species nuttallia obscurata, has an excellent meat to shell ratio and 10 day
to 14 day shelf life. Sold live, various pack sizes available. Season March
through October.

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to learn more about becoming a Mac's oyster and clam vendor.
Tel: 604-688-8630

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