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Need to know where your oysters and clams come from?
We have four generations of knowledge and experience behind our products.
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Need healthy choices?
Our oysters and clams are rich with nutrients and vitamins and are a great addition to any diet.
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Want to entertain?
Oysters are always an excellent way to add fun and excitement to your meal.
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Live Oysters:
Pearl Bay Brand

British Columbia's first branded deep water

Mac's Retail Pack:
Live oysters packed 3 dozen or 2 dozen in printed wax carton...

Savoury Clams:
A delicious tasting soft shell clam...


   Delicious Shellfish, Farmed Naturally

Whether you are on the North America, Asia, or Europe we get your order to you as timely as possible. No matter where you are in the world, you are never far from the Mac's farm.


Season Schedule:
Mac's harvests and ships oysters and clams year round. Meat condition in terms of taste and texture are at its best from October to May. However, June through September is a very popular time for eating oysters and clams. Mac's uses a range of farming, holding and temperature control techniques to ensure you have quality shellfish year round.

Truck Schedule:
Our farm, located on Vancouver Island, is connected to the BC mainland by truck and ferry. Transport time to Vancouver is 6 hours, and 10 hours to Seattle SeaTac. Mac's uses its own truck to Seattle and a truck service to Vancouver for cross docking. Shellfish shipped from our farm will arrive on the following days.

Destination Departs Farm Usual Arrival
Vancouver & YVR Monday thru Friday PM Early AM Next Day
Calgary Mon PM Thur AM
Edmonton Mon PM Thur AM
Toronto Thur PM Mon AM
Montreal Thur PM Mon AM
Seattle & SEATAC Tuesday PM Tuesday PM
Portland Tues PM Wed AM
Sacramento Tues PM Thur AM
San Francisco Bay Tues PM Thur AM
Los Angeles Tues PM Thur AM
San Diego Tues PM Thur AM
Seattle & SEATAC Friday PM Friday PM
Portland Fri PM Sun AM
Sacramento Fri PM Mon AM
San Francisco Bay Fri PM Mon AM
Los Angeles Fri PM Mon AM
San Diego Fri PM Mon AM

Flight Schedule:
Mac's air freights oysters and clams to destinations in USA, Asia and Europe. Our farm is located approximately 6 hours from YVR Vancouver International, and 10 hours from Seattle SeaTac by truck.

Destination Departs Farm Usual Arrival
Dallas Tue & Fri Thur & Sun AM
Houston Tue & Fri Thur & Sun AM
Chicago Tue & Fri Thur & Sun AM
New York City Tue & Fri Thur & Sun AM
Boston Tue & Fri Thur & Sun AM
London Heathrow Mon PM Wed
Amsterdam Mon PM Wed
Madrid Mon & Thur Wed & Sun
Victoria Mon PM Wed
Hong Kong Wed Fri
Tokyo Thur PM Sun
Singapore Mon & Thur PM Wed & Sun
Taipei Thur PM Sun

"Farm-Gate" Pricing and Quality for our Clients - Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors World Wide.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Mac's oyster and clam vendor.

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