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Live Oysters:
Pearl Bay Brand

British Columbia's first branded deep water

Mac's Retail Pack:
Live oysters packed 3 dozen or 2 dozen in printed wax carton...

Savoury Clams:
A delicious tasting soft shell clam...


   Delicious Shellfish, Farmed Naturally
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Weather at the farm:
Weather conditions affect the ability for us to harvest oyster and clams. Severe weather can make it difficult or impossible to harvest our shellfish.

Weather Conditions near our farm:
Marine Forecast for our region:

Tides at the farm:
Knowledge of tides at the farm will help you predict the oyster and clam supply. When the tide is higher than five feet it means that less of the beach is exposed for harvest. Days when the tide height is below five feet are good days for us to harvest at our farm. View the Denman Island tide chart of our main farm site.

Closures at the farm:
Mac's works closely with the Department of Fisheries and the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) to ensure the health and safety of our shellfish for human consumption. These links will inform you of any closure to harvesting in our area.

Water Quality:
Red Tide:

BC Ferry Schedule:
Our farm is on an island and the BC Ferry system is a critical link to our markets. Visit to see more information on any changes in its operation.

Track your air shipment:
Mac's ships oysters and clams by truck, plane and ship. If you are buying live shellfish and are located in the Eastern USA, Eastern Canada, Europe or Asia, chances are you will chose air freight. We will fax you a copy of the Airway Bill and you can use the number on it to track your shipment.

Alaska Airlines:
Air Canada:
Cathay Pacific:
Delta Airlines:
Continental Airlines:
Korean Airlines:
Harmony Airways:
Cargo Jet:

"Farm-Gate" Pricing and Quality for our Clients - Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors World Wide.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Mac's oyster and clam vendor.

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