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Oysters are always an excellent way to add fun and excitement to your meal.
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Provide your customers with quality oysters and clams.
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Live Oysters:
Pearl Bay Brand

10% discount in March and April...

Smoked Oysters:
Minimum order 5 cases, 24 cans per case.
$90 a case...


   Delicious Shellfish, Farmed Naturally
As a Mac's customer you have access to a range of point of sale material, oyster and clam flyers, fact sheets and hand outs. The Client Login section will allow you to download some of these for your use. Information relevant to your account will be posted here from time to time. Mac's customer's please contact us for your password and access to the section. Thank you for being our customer.


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"Farm-Gate" Pricing and Quality for our Clients - Importers, Wholesalers and Distributors World Wide.

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